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January 25, 2010

YouTube Services Taken Down

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The YouTube application hasn’t been working for a longer time now, I’ve finally had the time to take down the related proxy scripts and application images. Since the WDTV Live is out now there is not much sense in the application itself, mainly because it is too much work to integrate something like YouTube (escpecially search) in an consistent and manageable way into the WDTV UI.

The sources, even the proxy scripts, are still in the SVN repository, so anyone who really wants YouTube support for the old WDTV can take his way from there. Or just get a WDTV Live for a hundred bucks and be done with it in an easier way.


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  2. It’s a shame that we can’t use the YouTube app you created.
    I had hoped you could fix the bugs so we could start using it again.
    The community who still has a WDTV would have liked it to use this. I’m not buying a WDTV Live because it doesn’t give me much more then the WDTV with WDLXTV right now besides the YouTube and Flickr app. Pandora is nice but doesn’t work in Europe.

    Thanks for all your time and efforts. I still use the AppleTrailer app :)

    Comment by Robin — January 25, 2010 @ 14:54

  3. One of the reasons becuase i buyed a wd tv live was for youtube on it, since i can’t use youtube on it, and just see stuff from my computer, i dont see any reasons to buy a wd tv live now, there ao there so many better players else, i shall return my wd tv live now the store, hopless shit must they take back

    Comment by jall — February 20, 2010 @ 18:47

  4. Hi Elmar !
    i would like to ask You about the status of the project WDTUBE:

    http://www.elmarweber.org/services/wdtube/query_video.php -> 404
    You deleted the proxy script on Your web server ??
    If i set up the proxy php script on my webserver and change the URL in youtube.c it should work again (for me) ??
    How do i compile the stuff after downloading the SVN tarball (i’m aware with make and linux and x-compiling) ??
    is there a doc available for the source structure ?
    is the basic function (search and get list and start any entry from list ) working ??
    is there a doc available how to emulate folder tree in the WDHD ??

    thanks a lot, greetings peter (yes appleTrailers is very nice !)

    Comment by peter — March 6, 2010 @ 21:50

  5. Hi Peter,

    yes, if you adapt the URL it may work, there were some posts in the WDTV forum that some people did not see any YouTube movies, but I did not verify this. Maybe the proxy script has to be adapted to some change in the API of YouTube. But this is PHP and should be pretty easy to read and adapt.

    To get the sources compiled for the WDTV you are best served with the WDTV development vmware image I posted (http://wdtv.elmarweber.org/index.php/category/wdtv/vmware). Read trough the post and tutorial in the wiki, there is some stuff explained. To get the youtube stuff compiled on the WDTV image simply check out the sources, or run “svn update” on the svn repository within the vmware to get the full sources.

    There is a build script included that compiles the whole shebang for the WDTV, have a look at it.

    The rest of your questions are best answered by looking through the sources, the wdtube sources are not documented (if at all, I don’t remember), but with basic understanding of a C like language you should be able to work through it. For any questions regarding FUSE / filesystem stuff please check out FUSE itself or take a look at the appletrailerfs sources, they are documented.


    Comment by Elmar Weber — March 7, 2010 @ 00:02

  6. Hi Elm and all others who are interested in watching Youtube on WDTV,

    I am one of the later group.. really desperate to have this feature.. I am unfortunately not LINUX knowledgeble enough to get this thing going based on the sources.

    I just wanted to reemphesize, this is great stuff hoped for by many on wdtv..so please Elm continue development and issue a stable version or someone out there take over and continue this great work!!

    Thank you and greetings

    Comment by tom — March 8, 2010 @ 00:30

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