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June 2, 2009

event-osd r112 Released

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The second release of event-osd is out. event-osd is a notification system for the WDTV’s GUI that allows you to modify the OSD on the fly.

This release works with the media library enabled and should now work on all WDTVs with ext3-boot 0.9.2 and WDLXTV >= 0.5.2.

Besides the main bugfix some smaller changes have been made: app.event files are now converted with dos2unix, so if the file has Windows file endings it still works. Furthermore some system calls have been optimized so that there is less overhead when the directory changes.

You can download the new release from http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=261153&filename=event-osd-r112-wdtv.zip.

As always, the documentation for developers is available at the Wiki at http://apps.sourceforge.net/trac/wdtvtools/wiki/event-osd.

A video showing event-osd in action with appletrailerfs:


  1. I’m copied event-osd and appletrailer to the WDTV boot pen.

    Now I see on ‘Video’ the folder of AppleTrailer, but inside it’s empty.

    My WDTV is correctly connected to internet, i’m also using amule.

    Must I setup or mod some text file before use it?

    Comment by realtebo — June 4, 2009 @ 10:57

  2. [...] framework. And i’ll never thanks sufficiently the author of this work. So you must download event-osd.app.bin from here and copy the bin file to the root of your boot [...]

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  3. [...] You must download and copy into your usb boot pen’s root the event-osd application. Here the last version [...]

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  4. mm… really like it :)

    Comment by diaper pee girl — July 19, 2009 @ 12:54

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