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July 31, 2009

YouTube Support – Directory Structure

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After posting the YouTube Support Teaser the hits on this site tripled over night. So there seems to be a lot of interest. To get you included I would like to post the browsing structure of the YouTube browser for discusson. Currently I have something like this in mind:

  • YouTube
    • Search
      • some keyword
    • Recently Featured
      • Today / This Week / This Month / All Time
    • Top Rated
      • Today / This Week / This Month / All Time
    • Most Viewed
      • Today / This Week / This Month / All Time
    • Categories
      • Film & Animation
      • Music
      • Science & Technology
    • ?

I’m not sure how to structure the category view because there are endless possibilities, e.g. you could search a category or view the recently featured or top rated videos for this week or just today.

If you miss something or have other suggestions just leave a comment here or over at the YouTube Teaser WDTV Forum thread.

Meta Discussion: Future Structure of Homebrew Software for the WDTV

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There is a meta discussion going on over at the WDTV Forum about how to organize and structure the homebrew development for the WDTV in the future. Check it out and post what you think.

July 27, 2009

YouTube Support – Teaser

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As already mentioned on some occasions I’ve been working by the way on YouTube support for the WDTV. After some initial issues with the YouTube API the data retrieval works now without problems and basic streaming works too. There are just some performance problems to be worked out because it takes about 20 seconds until the playback starts. Basic UI integration is also on the way, so you get a nice keyboard to search with instead of a folder view. Support for favorite channels and tags will be added as well before the first release. There are also some kinks when browsing with thumbnails. Below are two screenshots of the search frame and a resulting file listing.

Short Downtime

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Sorry for the short downtime this night, I upgraded wordpress and somehow it failed a few times and fixing took a lot of uploading, i.e. time.

July 25, 2009

Update On Available Modifications for the WDTV

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It’s been a month since the last update on new and existing modifications.

The existing ones have been upgraded and improved, take a look at LaurentG’s mod and juliojs’s work (or his blog (spanish)).
Regarding the non OSD mods, ninja76’s torrent downloader has also lift off and makes progress. realtebo’s IRC download client is also there but hasn’t had any updates lately.

Regarding new developments there is a thumbnail cache from BMD_Online that speeds up when you are using the thumbnail view to browse your media.

Probably the most exciting latest development is pibos WDTVExt project. He has actually managed to tap into the WDTV GUI to modify the main menu and enable new plug-ins. There are already some examples like a weather plug-in.

There is also a very good new OSD Mod from lilibabe, very slick design:

There is ton more but most are basic extensions for WDLXTV or very specific applications. A more or less complete list is managed in the forums at http://wdtvforum.com/main/index.php?topic=1217.0.

July 11, 2009

eiri r189 Released / Added Support for Command Remapping and Other Remote Controls

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A new version of eiri – the Extended IR Interface for the Western Digital TV HD (WDTV) – has been released. eiri allows you to use other remotes with the WDTV, to remap keys from the WDTV remote to new key sequences and to execute shell scripts with the remote. For example you can remap a key on your remote to change the movie language with just one key press instead of doing it complicated via the options menu. Furthermore eiri enables you to send commands to the WDTV from the command line or remotely via network.

This version introduces some new features and fixes a bug in the command line interface:

  • added support to remap IR commands
  • added support to map commands from other remotes to WDTV commands
  • added support to execute shell commands triggered by an IR code
  • fixed: some sleep intervals did not work with the command line client

To adapt the configuration of eiri simply modify the file eiri.conf.txt on your USB stick. It already contains some example configurations to get you started. A detailed documentation will follow. A tip, to get the IR codes for a new remote you can connect via telnet to eiri and see all IR codes: telnet >wdtv IP< 14247

The new application image is available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wdtvtools/files/eiri/eiri-r189-wdtv.zip/download. As always, to use it simply extract all files to your boot USB stick.

All eiri files can be found at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=261153&package_id=325092.

eiri is part of the WDTV Tools project. For more tools and information take a look at the WDTV Tools homepage: http://wdtv.elmarweber.org.

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